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This exclusive box constitutes the following:

  • Camphor- Enhances positive energy around you and establishes harmony between the soul and the mind.
  • Aroma Oil- An essential element for aromatic therapy.
  • Royal Natural Masala Sticks- The significant aspect of serenity
  • Ved Mantra Guggal Sambrani Cups- Eliminates negative energies from your surroundings.
  • DevDarshan special premium Dhoop- The long-lasting floral fragrance will soothe you and your loved ones.
  • Aura Sandal Dhoop Cone- Sandalwood is renowned for calming the body and mind and enabling individuals into meditative states where they can discover inner peace.
  • Loban- Removing blockages from the respiratory tract, Loban has the feature of enhancing easy breathing.
  • Chandan Tikka- Applying Chandan Tikka will relieve you from mental stress and exhaustion.
  • Mouli Kalva- The sacred red thread is an essence of purity and strength. It signifies the bond between the Almighty and the soul.